Melbourne band Howlite craft elemental, cinematic dreamscapes, marrying trip-hop with pop songwriting to create a sound that is entirely their own. Trendsetters KALTBLUT Magazine claim “Howlite are a much-welcomed escape from reality at this moment in time” with Rolling Stone Australia describing their sound as “brooding, borderline folk, but inches-from-pop” and Mushroom Group likening it to “controlled sadness beautified into a cluster of sublime sound”. 

Howilte’s latest EP ‘Not Here’ is full of pillowy-pop delights that showcase a direct, dreamy sound that is full of lush, immersive vocals, propulsive guitars and trip-hop inspired beats. Their dream-like soundscape is brought to life by Alison Thom, who soars above dark and brooding musical foundations. Her beguiling vocals captivate in the same vein as Daughter, Lana Del Ray and Portishead, with Triple J stating “that London Grammar appeal is there but this carves out its own beautiful, dramatic sound with great results”. With strong trip-hop elements, and pockets of pop song writing, there is a sense of confidence and focus within the groups latest releases.

Howlite’s latest EP ‘Not Here’ is now available on all streaming platforms.